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We are pleased to offer in class lessons by some of our talented musicians on fundamental concepts of music and teachings about the instruments of the orchestra as part of our mission to enrich, educate and entertain within the community. During COVID-19, we have had to suspend our school visits but we are in the process of working on virtual presentations of our lessons at the various grade levels to help classroom teachers with their meeting of the music components of the Ontario Curriculum.



Early Learning Kindergarten (ELK) – some fundamental music concepts for preschoolers

Grade One – elements of form and timbre

Grade Two – continuation of elements of form and timbre

Grade Three – elements of duration, texture, and form


Grade Four – elements of form, pitch, and timbre


Grade Five – Rhythm in Use: 2 part – elements of duration and dynamics

Grade Six – elements of duration, tempo, and dynamics


A Teacher’s Package with instructions and extension activities will also be available.

The new format will be ready for implementation in the fall of 2021, so please continue to check our website and follow us on our website and Social Media platforms (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) for further details.

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