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Memories in the Making

This decade concludes our walk down the NBSO 'memory lane' – until new memories are made. Perhaps we can best refer to it as adjusting our 'compass heading'. You will, of course, find a continued emphasis on bringing the youth of today to your attention, as well as the showcasing of different musical forms and expressions.


However, there were significant pressures brought on by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, which took an unprepared global community into unchartered waters. From the perspective of the NBSO, it necessitated the development of a 'virtual' concert programme under the creative guidance of our Musical Director, Tom Jones.


Change can also be a mixed blessing, as the Symphony was remembered by Vivian Pentland on the occasion of her passing. Her generous initiative led to the development of a legacy giving programme, the purpose of which is to provide for a secure, independent financial future for the NBSO.

In this era, The North Bay Symphony lost a dear friend, Vivian Elizabeth Pentland.

With Vivian's passing, she gifted the North Bay Symphony a donation in her Will which helped to establish the "North Bay Symphony Fund" at the North Bay and Area Community Foundation. 

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