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THE NBSO Matures

Most would agree that maturity is not merely accumulated years of transitory existence. It is a journey much larger than that – but you can't just get there, you have to go there.


We have chosen the following examples to demonstrate the journey of maturation of the NBSO during this decade. We invite you to make your own selection and judgement.

The following gallery showcases the NBSO honouring local youth, expanding territorial borders, responding to the needs of a global community, & standing the test of time.

Nothing however, is gained without sacrifice and sadly, we have had to bid farewell to some of our NBSO pioneers and founders. From the North Bay Nugget, 12/22/2010: "CRITCHLEY, Norman - passed peacefully at home on Tuesday December 21, 2010 in his 82nd year...He was a founding member of the North Bay Symphony Orchestra and played violin with them for over 30 years".

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